The Body Code is an energy balancing system intended to help you uncover root causes of physical pain, discomfort, sickness and emotional, mental and spiritual suffering. It doesn't just bring relief to physical conditions, but by indentifying and releasing underlining energetic imbalances, you may feel connected to your true self much more. By clearing the emotional baggage, it may help you feel happier, less anxious and more calm. 

What does a Body Code session look like? During a session, we will pick a topic to work on. I will make a connection to you through the subconscious mind and then begin muscle testing using a program on my computer designed to find and map out imbalances. After the imbalance is located, I will swipe down the governing meridian 3-4 times to remove the negative energy or imbalance. This is not your typical therapy session. You don't need to "Cry it out" or "talk about all your problems" to me. Although you may feel emotional, I am simply finding imbalances and removing them. You don't need to continuously relive your trauma. This work is all confidential and I am simply here to facilitate your healing journey.

Things I have treated with the Body Code are endless, but have included headaches, skin issues, physical pain, depression, anxiety, cancer, fascia pain, motivation, confidence, inherited trapped emotion and sickness, self confidence, healing blocks, sleep, anxiety, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Please note, that the Body Code and Emotion are not used in place of medical treatment, nor can we claim that they will cure any illnesses or conditions.