Energy healing is a broad term used to describe a variety of holistic healing techniques that use the natural mind-body connection to promote emotional and physical well being. Some examples include acupuncture, reiki, chakra balancing and The Emotion and Body Code. 

When you think about what the human body is made of, what comes to mind? Flesh and blood? Bones, muscles and vessels? While these aren't necessarily wrong, many people are surprised to learn that we are actually beings made of.....Energy!! Energy healing techniques developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson called the Emotion and Body Code, are based on the idea that emotions are made of energy too. 

When you experience something difficult, those emotions have their own frequency of vibration. Those vibrations may interfere with your body's energy flow and even become lodged somewhere in your body. We call these energies trapped emotions. We believe they may be linked to any number of emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues including things like anxiousness, sleep difficulties and disfunction in any area of the body. 

Over 50 years ago the science of quantum physics discovered what ancient cultures embraced; that energy truly is the basis of life. It was proven that the atom, the smallest structure in the universe is made up of 94.5% empty space. This revealed that what you see, touch, and sense is only 5% of reality. Your physical body only represents 5% of you are; you are 95% vibrating energy. How we process energy lies in our biology. This intelligence/energy has no absolute language, only feeling. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. It is timeless and holds centuries of energy inside you. 

Many people feel that energy healing can facilitate faster, easier recovery and even help reduce or avoid pharmaceuticals. Energy healing is completely non invasive and may be a helpful addition to medical/mental health treatment regimen. Working directly with the energy flow of your body and mind, your emotional, physical and spiritual wellness may be