What is bioshielding? image
Bioshieding is an energetic protective shield that is built and placed around you to protect you from Negative energies from all types of sources. It also can protect you from WIFI/Radiation, toxins, pathogens and just about anything that might affect your well being.

Once your shield is built, it will need to be checked on periodically to make sure it's still functioning correctly. Things that might are affect your shield are inherited energies, entities, cords and trapped emotions. Those can be removed and the shield can be repaired.

The shield is five layers thick with different sources of materials to protect you.

After being shielded, many people had said they feel more calm, less anxious and that they "Can't quite explain the feeling", but they know something is there and it's helping them feel better.

Bioshields are a very strong energetic source and just another important piece in your healing journey.