the Heart Wall and Why we need to remove it image
A Heart-Wall is made of one or more trapped emotions that the subconscious mind uses to surround the heart as a protective barrier against emotional pain. 
  • Each trapped emotion in the Heart-Wall is known as a Heart-Wall emotion. 
  • A Heart-Wall emotion is one layer in the collective Heart-Wall. When all Heart-Wall emotions have been removed, the Heart-Wall is gone. 
  • The Heart-Wall is usually created in response to emotional distress. The subconscious mind then uses pre-existing trapped emotions to form the wall. Therefore, the Heart-Wall may be made up of any emotion(s), new or old.
  • Heart-Wall emotions may be from any time in your own life and they can also be inherited. (It is rare to find any other type of trapped emotion other than common or inherited making up a Heart-Wall). 
  • Most individuals have a Heart-Wall consisting of between five and 25 Heart-Wall emotions.
  • A Heart-Wall may cause you to feel disconnected from others, lonely, sad, anxious, and unmotivated. 
  • Physical symptoms such as neck and shoulder discomfort may be present. 
  • It’s generally best to let the subconscious indicate what imbalances need to be released and in what order. If you find only one Heart-Wall emotion in a session, allow the process to unfold naturally.