Will you discuss my sessions and notes with other people?

No. This is 100% confidential information and it is up to you as the client to share your own results with friends and family members.

When will I receive my notes from the session?

Notes will usually be sent 1-3 days after your session. Notes include a fully detailed list compiled of all imbalances and everything that was removed. I include definitions and explanations in your notes as well so that you can better understand your session. 

Can someone have a session without knowing?

Absolutely not. Everyone must give me the permission to ask their subconscious mind if it's ok for me to ask for answers. The only situation it's ok to give permission for someone else if it's a child 13 or younger or someone that is not of sound mind and you are their caregiver. The only other case is animals, but I still always ask if I can work with them.

Where should I begin? I have so many things I want help with!

That is what I'm here for as you spiritual coach and energy healer.  I can help you figure out and prioritize your goals with your concerns and things you want to work on. I have lots of suggestion topics and ideas to help you get started.