How soon will I feel a difference after my session?

For some, the results are immediately and others it is a subtle difference. It all depends on how you process energy work and how much is there to process, uncover and release. 

Do I need the Body Code and Emotion Code?

I believe that everyone needs the Body Code. Adults, babies, animals. We have all endured stressful and traumatic events and have been exposed to injury, pathogens, toxins, etc. Anyone can benefit from this at any time, whether it's emotional, mental or physical.

How many sessions will I need?

This is different for every person as well, but most topics I do need 1-3 sessions. You can think of energy healing as peeling a layer of an onion. There are multiple layers of healing and we can only do so much at once. 

How often should I get sessions done?

This is totally up to you, your budget and how much you're looking to accomplish. Are you looking to fix one issue or are you looking to start your spiritual healing journey? We can do multiple sessions each month, outside of processing time of course. Each session, you get a "processing time" in which your body needs time to adjust to the energetic changes it just went through. Typically this is 3-5 days. Outside of that, is fair game for sessions.